Good to be Back!!!!

WOW!!!!!! How long has it been!!! Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I must say where has the time gone we are now 2014. Well just a quick update Roger and I have 4 grandchildren now Hudson who is 2 in May and Noah who will be 1 in March. We have been travelling for work as usual and I have been working with Roger for the past 15mths and have had no time to scrap, blog or even scratch myself and boy have I missed being in my scrappy room, I take some projects with me but just haven't had any time. Lots has been going on but I hope to get some time to update for you very soon. I just need to go get a new computer this week as this poor old laptop just cant cut it anymore. We are back in Sydney for about 6-7mths and I start work in the week or two so am going to get some things uploaded that I am trying to work on at the moment so please stay in touch and keep popping back. Hope you are all well. 

Luv Ruth
Keep on Scrappin 

Precious Little Angels Book Part 2

Hi Everyone,
Just got a few minutes up my sleeve and wanted to give you a quick post update of my little album pages. Still haven't got around to the decorating yet but at least getting the pages ready for that stage. Christmas has come to quickly for me and just don't have enough hours in the days to get anything done. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

Pages E an F with fold out page
Page F Fold out
Page G
Page H
Tag for Pages G an H side 1
Tag for pages G an H side 2

Pages I an J with pocket
Pages K an L with Tag page
Will try to pop back tomorrow with more pic's I think I will be able to have the day to myself which means hello scrappy room!!!!

Precious Little Angels Book

Hi again,
I seem to be on a roll today Roger is out for awhile so I am getting to spend time in my scrappy room and want to get as much uploaded as I could. While I was in Geelong I got together with 2 very lovely ladies Brenda and Kathy who are married to 2 of  Roger's crew, they asked what I did to keep myself  busy during the days so I told them and they where both very interested in having a look so I had them over one afternoon to check the little room I had made for myself and from that moment on they have both become hooked, we started scrapping every Tuesday. They wanted to make a small album for them to take with them on their travels so I came up with this book mind you it's not so little though as I don't do little very well, I haven't had time to finish mine but Brenda and Kathy did. As I was showing them how to make theirs mine just kept getting bigger by the minute and so I haven't got mine anywhere near finished as yet but I start working on it later today. I am uploading a few pages today before they are embellished, I still need to get the photo's for it and as we all know it is not always easy to embellish without them. Hope you like what you are about to see.
uncompleted book
pages a/b with tag page
pages a/b tag flipped

Some of the materials I have used to create this book are papers by Webster and Prima,Kaiser cardstock to make the book pages, some very gorgeous trims/ribbon from Create On Ormond in Geelong, Kaiser wood,flowers and bling. There will be alot more once I get to choosing from my stash page by page. Each of these pages have been distressed with Tim Holtz inks.
pages c/d
On both these pages I have gone over the leaves and flowers with kindy glitz/ crystal lacquer, to highlight the fountain I have used a very favourite product of mine that unfortunately is no longer available call Plaid wicked white it is very similar to 3d kindy glitz.

More coming soon
Luv to all

Finally Home

Hi there to you all,

Well we are home at last and at least for a year, the best part of being home is we now get to see 2 of our grandchildren Sienna and her new baby brother Hudson who you will be seeing off and on in some of my projects to come. It took a week to unpack and clean up and then a week to unpack my scrappy boxes and change my scrappy room around but now it's all done and I can get to my computer and my desk, so I thought I better get to catching up with you all. I would also like thank the ladies who have left me comments I so luv getting them. 
I have been working on a few projects in Geelong alot of which are off the page projects , I have a few layouts in my head but need to get some photos printed. Now that I'm home I will be getting them finished the first one I am going to add today is one I am working on for our 2nd granddaughter Isla, we don't get to see her very often so I thought making her a special wall hanging of us and her Uncle Yannick , Aunty Alison and her cousins Sienna and Hudson and her Oma and Opa for her new room would be a good idea.
 Sorry for the blur I seem to be having a bit of trouble with my camera will have to go get it checked out can't be without the camera can we now.

Tour De Paris

Hello to all,

First of all I would like to say sorry for the delay in updating my blog. It has been a very bad month for us and we have had to make a couple trips back to Adelaide. Now I also have to start packing up to head home as Roger finally got a long term job in Adelaide Yeh about time. Anyway as promised I am uploading the Frame class I did at Create On Ormond in Geelong Victoria. I have also been try to keep myself as busy as I can so I have been working on a new book which is going to be upload sometime today or tomorrow.

For this project I used Textured Paste/a napkin which is the section at the bottom of the frame and added a old nail file for the self/fabric/paint/lace/beads/glass bottles which I filled with some herbs,shells and beads/I used the little cards from Kaiser for the little books on the shelf and an old domino I found in my stash and the verse is a rub-on. The book has been distressed all around the edges and lace added to each page.


Stroll in the Park Canvas Class

Yesterday I held my first class in Geelong and what fun I had. To the ladies that joined me yesterday at Create On Ormond I would like to thank you for your support I really appreciate it and enjoyed meeting you I hope you enjoyed the class and that it has given you some new ideas to try out for your  selves.  Again a very big thank you to Marisa for giving me this opportunity. Below you will find the completed canvas that we did in class. 
Making this canvas was a challenge as I don't have my scrappy room at my convenience I had to go shopping to get some products(what a shame)  and of course I got a few extra bits as we do just in case I might need them. To make this a little different I have traced and cut out the shape of a small box then pushed it though the hole and glued it into place.

That's all for now need to get back to creating have about 6 projects on the go at the moment and want to get them finished as we only have about 5 weeks left in Geelong, then heading back home and have some quality time with two of our grandchildren.

Keep on scrappin

A Special Thankyou To Marisa from Create On Ormond Geelong Victoria

Hi there,
While I have been in Geelong without my scrappy room it has been a little hard to get creative but thanks to Marisa my Miss MOJO is back and working with a vengeance. I met Marisa a few weeks ago now when I visited her lovely cottage scrapbook shop Create On Ormond, we got talking and found that we went to the same school in Adelaide (many years ago of course)!!! and in our conversation Marisa asked if I would like to do a couple of classes while I am in Geelong so I had to really reach out for Miss MOJO to come back to help me get creative. I came up with A canvas mix media/ scrappy for the first class which will be held at the end of August and I am really looking forward to doing this class. I am posting a snippet of the canvas for you to see and after the class I will post the full project I have also done a altered mix media frame with a book for a class in September and will do the same for this project as well. So I would like to give a big thank you to Marisa for the chance to teach at her lovely little nook.
A Stroll In The Park Canvas
Tour De Paris

I will post the completed projects for you all to see when the classes have been held, so please keep dropin by and keep on scrapin ladies.LOL!!!

Luv to all