Stroll in the Park Canvas Class

Yesterday I held my first class in Geelong and what fun I had. To the ladies that joined me yesterday at Create On Ormond I would like to thank you for your support I really appreciate it and enjoyed meeting you I hope you enjoyed the class and that it has given you some new ideas to try out for your  selves.  Again a very big thank you to Marisa for giving me this opportunity. Below you will find the completed canvas that we did in class. 
Making this canvas was a challenge as I don't have my scrappy room at my convenience I had to go shopping to get some products(what a shame)  and of course I got a few extra bits as we do just in case I might need them. To make this a little different I have traced and cut out the shape of a small box then pushed it though the hole and glued it into place.

That's all for now need to get back to creating have about 6 projects on the go at the moment and want to get them finished as we only have about 5 weeks left in Geelong, then heading back home and have some quality time with two of our grandchildren.

Keep on scrappin

A Special Thankyou To Marisa from Create On Ormond Geelong Victoria

Hi there,
While I have been in Geelong without my scrappy room it has been a little hard to get creative but thanks to Marisa my Miss MOJO is back and working with a vengeance. I met Marisa a few weeks ago now when I visited her lovely cottage scrapbook shop Create On Ormond, we got talking and found that we went to the same school in Adelaide (many years ago of course)!!! and in our conversation Marisa asked if I would like to do a couple of classes while I am in Geelong so I had to really reach out for Miss MOJO to come back to help me get creative. I came up with A canvas mix media/ scrappy for the first class which will be held at the end of August and I am really looking forward to doing this class. I am posting a snippet of the canvas for you to see and after the class I will post the full project I have also done a altered mix media frame with a book for a class in September and will do the same for this project as well. So I would like to give a big thank you to Marisa for the chance to teach at her lovely little nook.
A Stroll In The Park Canvas
Tour De Paris

I will post the completed projects for you all to see when the classes have been held, so please keep dropin by and keep on scrapin ladies.LOL!!!

Luv to all