Getting back on track

Hello fellow scrappers,

Well , firstly sorry for my tardiness I have been very busy travelling with Roger for work and when we did finally come home I ended up working with him doing 14 hour days and have only recently finished working. I now hope to get back into things with a passion as I have missed my Craft room immensely. While I have been home I finally had the time to get Sienna's frame book completed and started on Isla's and also made my Mother a very special 70th Birthday card book from the family, I have uploaded the card and a couple of layouts. Now that I have a little time I hope to get a few layouts done but have just found out we are on the road again, heading to Geelong Victoria for about 6 months as Roger has a job to do there. So here goes again I will have to pack up craft projects to take so as I can keep scrappin. Deciding what to take is a problem as I want to take it all and Roger is not in favour of that idea. I am hoping to teach a couple of classes while we are away and hopefully get to Sydney to catch up with the Fantasia girls and have my Tuesday morning coffee with Enice and if Im lucky I would like to do a couple classes while I am there. So last but not least, please keep popping back as I will endeavour to upload my completed project.

I am also in the process of adding a new tab to my blog called My Scrappy Rooms which will consist of photo's of each room I set up to scrap in while I am travelling with Roger.

So till next time stay safe and keep on scrappin.
Luv to all